Chinese firms breaking down barriers in Japan
DAILY YOMIURI Sunday, May 22, 2005

Municipal governments also have been scrambling to lure Chinese companies in a bid to stimulate long-stagnant regional economies.
According to the Nikkei Research Institute of Industry and Markets, 29 municipalities have set up 35 offices in China so they can directly lobby Chinese firms to establish businesses in their areas.
Kobe has lured 13 Chinese firms, including Shanghai Rundo Biotech Japan Co., a subsidiary of Shanghai Rundo Biotech Co., which was set up in December 2003.
Company President Chen Jian Jun said he chose Kobe because the city provided a welcoming atmosphere for biotech and pharmaceutical companies.
Chen first came to Japan as a exchange student on Chinese government scholarship in 1982, gaining biochemistry from Kobe University. He worked as a researcher at three laboratories of different companies.
“If I had remained a company researcher for my entire career, which I could have, I wouldn’t have fully taken advantage of my experience both in China and Japan,” Chen said. “Japan and China are close in distance, but not so close in their relationship. Japanese companies have not fully understood China, and the two governments have not fully communicated with each other which cause misunderstanding.
“What we can do to resolve the misunderstanding is to bridge the two countries by sharing information and improving communication.”
According to Yasuharu Kokubo, a city government official in charge of luring Chinese companies to Kobe, the city government aims to create a “new Chinatown” on a stretch of reclaimed land called Port Island. “It’s not big enough for us to call it a town yet, but we are viewing this project from a long-term perspective,” Kokubo said.
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